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Schools whose students wear uniforms have indicated increased achievement and a decrease in student behavioral problems. Based upon the interest shown by parents when surveyed in February of 1996, El Rancho Charter School has instituted a student uniform policy. The El Rancho Uniform Policy is described below:

Students will receive a consequence for violating the school uniform policy. Uniforms may not be altered in any way.

Uniform shirts are polo style shirts in various colors for both boys and girls. They have an El Rancho logo. All shirts will be size appropriate and must be worn tucked in at the waist so that the belt is visible. Shirts will be purchased at school and are available throughout the year. Students are not permitted to wear long-sleeved shirts under their uniform shirts and t-shirt sleeves should not show at the sleeve cuff.

As of August 2012, ALL uniform pants, shorts and skirts/skorts for both girls and boys must be purchased from American Casual and have an E R logo. They are solid navy blue in color cotton/twill and size appropriate (within one size of student’s actual waist and inseam measurement) so that they fit at the waist and crotch and are secured at the waist with a belt. Pants are not to be rolled up at the bottom, or worn below the waist. Pants, shorts and skirts/skorts must be hemmed (not frayed or slit at the seams,) and may not have any holes or tears.

Belts must be worn with all clothing that has belt loops. Belt buckles must be plain with no initials on them. All belts should be made of leather or cloth with no metal except the buckle. Belts must be of appropriate length for student waist size and the belt must be kept in the belt loops.

Students must wear athletic shoes or low cut leather shoes with heels and toes. Socks are required. Boots of any style are not allowed. No sandals or slippers are allowed.

Jewelry & Accessories:
Jewelry that is considered dangerous may not be worn. No chain belts, studded belts, wallet chains or dog collar necklaces are permitted. No facial piercings are permitted other than ears.

Only El Rancho sweatshirts and jackets will be permitted. During inclement weather, students are invited to bring umbrellas to school, and students will have access to shelter before and after school and during breaks. Sweatshirts and jackets will be purchased at school and are available throughout the year.

Hats are not allowed.

Hair designs which cause undue attention, distracting from the educational environment as determined by the administration, are not allowed. Hair will be natural tones only.

UNIFORMS MAY BE PURCHASED AT EL RANCHO OR VIA AMERICAN CASUAL AT: American Casual, 2940 E. La Palma Ave., Ste E, Anaheim 714-630-2002 www.american-casual.com

Why Does El Rancho Have Uniforms?

Why do we have uniforms? This is a question that is very often asked by El Rancho students. Uniforms were started at El Rancho in 1995. The purpose of our uniform program is to eliminate “clothing competition” and to insure proper dress and modesty for our students.

The uniform program does not generate a profit for the school as we sell uniforms at our cost. We also negotiate fiercely to insure that you get the very best price. Currently we have only had to raise prices one time in the last ten years. We believe our uniform program saves families money and creates an environment that allows our students to focus on learning. We appreciate the long term support that we have had from the El Rancho Community over the last several years.